I probably won't regret this.


Oh whoops, I never posted this. It’s sort of a tribute to Bob Hoskins.

Hey!  There will be a new episode of our Channel 101 show Skateboard Cop showing tomorrow night at Downtown Independent so here’s the previous episode we made and forgot about.  At least pretend to watch it, come on. I’m not doing so hot over here

When I first followed you I felt like I had seen you in a movie somewhere and I was really afraid to ask because I thought it was going to be one of those scenarios where it ends up being porn, but then I remembered that it was a horror movie and everything was gravy.

I don’t think this comment had to be anonymous- but I’m glad you figured everything out and now you don’t have to be afraid anymore. 

What the hell is happening??


So about a month ago I posted to the #YesAllWomen hashtag on twitter & spoke openly as a rape victim. When I did this, I got inundated with a ton of harassment & rape threats.



Most of the time my response would be to block & report, but once in a while I’d take a screenshot of what the person said & then reply telling them to fuck off eternally into the night, etc. One of the people who harassed me for speaking up about my rape happened to be a 13 year old kid. I did not know this, because I was getting hundreds of replies & I don’t thoroughly investigate every account with 15 followers that responds to me with bullshit. I responded with this scathing little gem 


& then a follower of mine, I guess looked at this person’s account & saw it was a kid who had recently posted a link to his personal facebook. The kid’s entire timeline at that time was him responding to/trolling the #YesAllWomen hashtag, arguing with rape victims & condemning feminism, you know, because that’s the world we live in right now. So this guy, crushingbort responded to a separate tweet the kid made about how comedians who make rape jokes are totally cool, & he posted a picture of the kid hugging his cat from his facebook, saying something like, “Joshua, you should really lock your facebook” or something. I thought this was hilarious because honestly, if you’re big boy enough to harass rape victims for being raped, you’re big boy enough to deal with the consequences. I had nothing to do with this, though. Then, about a month later, some pathetic Men’s Rights Activists found this exchange & went fucking ballistic, focusing all their rage on me, saying I “sexually harassed a child”, that I “doxxed a child” (I had nothing to do with the posting of his photo, but that’s not even doxxing at all, the kid himself said this). They went on a crusade against me using this kid as a flimsy excuse because they hate women & want to punish them. I received a ton of rape threats & even death threats.





I had to lock my twitter account to slow it down because I was getting about 4 per minute. They posted my personal information on 4chan & apparently attempted to post my little sister’s information too, but that was a tip I got & I didn’t see it anywhere so I’m not sure if it really happened. I started reporting all the threats to the FBI & got set up with a civil rights attorney, but a judge said I wouldn’t get the result I was hoping for unless the threats were “more direct”, like mentioning my location within the threat, my personal information within the threat, etc. 

The kid himself knows that these MRAs are using him as an excuse to persecute women for whatever reason, & has told them to lay off, but you can’t reason with these idiots. 


I’ve started ignoring it & they’ve eased up on the threats & have moved on to filing false reports with the Houston police department trying to say that I’m a pedophile or a child abuser & trying to blackmail me for being a child abuser or some shit, but that doesn’t bother me because it’s obviously all false. 

So essentially, this is just what women with a voice have to deal with online. This is all because I spoke up about rape & being a rape victim, & this is just what I have to expect now. If I get any other threats that are “direct enough”, I’ll definitely jump on pursuing it legally, but until then, this is just what I’m dealing with. NEAT, HUH?!!?!?

Jesus! How do these bored fucks have so much free time?!  This is terrible and disgusting.


New episode featuring Kelsy Abbott is up!


Come on, everyone listen to me ramble! Wade and willy are charming and funny and maybe a smile show up on your face.


New episode featuring Kelsy Abbott is up!


Come on, everyone listen to me ramble! Wade and willy are charming and funny and maybe a smile show up on your face.



Written by Wade Randolph.

*Wade Randloph. I had no part in this. And I definitely didn’t direct it.

I’m very proud of my talented and wonderful friend Wade.  Even though he had absolutely nothing to do with this movie, its still pretty cool. 


Channel101 is coming up in a few weeks - Saturday May 31st, 8 & 10pm, Downtown Independent, where you can enjoy an all new episode of the smash hit: Skateboard Cop.

But in the meantime, don’t you think it would be fun to watch a 7 min rough cut of episode three? Don’t get too upset about the fluctuating audio levels and overall lack of polish, I already told you it’s a rough cut, so jeeze, man, I mean, come on.

And for those of you who haven’t figured it out yet, it’s a “This Boy’s Life” parody. If you haven’t watched the 1992 Leonarbert DeNirio vehicle, I highly recommend it.

Also, shout out to Kyle Reiter, who helped edit this one.

Rough cuts not your thing? Check out the 3rd place winning (marginalized) version here:







Here’s Pete talking about Uncle Grandpa. If you keep watching, you’ll see a quick cameo of my dumb face. As well as Tom Kauffman and Kelsy Abbott playing with their kendamas.




Hey dudes, the X-Mans show is coming up this weekend at Nucleus in LA and all the details are here. Basically, I’ve asked my rad artist friends to do their versions of pages from a terrible, terrible X-Men coloring book.

I’m in this show come check it out :)